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The bridge between two f-holes

Lesson 160 - Body awareness

2017-03-01 15:47:09

I've always marveled at cellists who seem very methodical in bow management where notes and phrases are planned within specific areas of the bow. Watch them play the same piece twice and the bowing is exactly the same.

To achieve such results must take a lot of discipline and time; like an athlete, micro defining functions and efficiency of movement to improve gait, for example. You require similar stuffs to play the cello well - efficiency is absolute key. You do this well and you have access to play the most demanding of repertoires under your finger tips.

Deryn says whilst there is a rather mathematical approach to achieve this, that only forms the basis of a technique that comes naturally afterwards. Much like learning all the rules well before you can break them; similar to the foundaiton of creating art - achieving abstraction from decades of mastering the human form.

We looked at more double stop exercises today, specifically Feuillard page 27 - a beast of a stepping stone to more robust techniques. Finger dexterity takes a second place to coordination here.
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Learning the cello as an adult started as a dare but has now turned into an ongoing love affair; I hope to one day make her sing to her full potential. In the meantime, all spare time and moments are dedicated to this wonderful instrument as I am unable to think about anything else, much to the dismay of my other half :}

This is an attempt to remember the classes I have taken so that I don't forget.

My wonderful teacher, Deryn ~ http://cellostudio.info/