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The bridge between two f-holes

Lesson 169 - Tutti

2017-05-03 22:54:17

For today's lesson, we played through the second page of double concerto together, mostly going through efficient fingerings and avoiding open strings to decrease jarring tones between phrases. When you're playing a phrase in a specific dynamic, let's say "pianissimo", you're taking care to keep the bowing consistent to achieve a soft sound throughout. If the last note is playable on open string and you choose to play it so, that note will stick out like a sore thumb from the entire phrase unless you are really careful and masterful about your execution; a note played on an open string will resonate to its full extent and you will also be unlikely to apply vibrato to it, thus ending the soft phrase abruptly.

Today I learned that number markings on a scoresheet are tutti, which means, "all" or "the entire orchestra", so you're playing a non-solo part. At this point I brought up tutti-frutti which I now know means, all of the fruit - haha!

And now, György Ligeti's Solo Sonata by Ildiko Szabo :}

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