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The bridge between two f-holes

Lesson 172 - Fast fingers

2017-05-24 23:37:14

Today we looked at increasing the tempo for RV531. The playing speed that seems comfortable for me varies between 66bpm to about 80bpm and this includes all the fast passages without too much stumbling.

Most of this stumbling is the resulting effect of many things:

- Flighty bowing during string crossings
- Unstable posture
- Bow is not on the string
- String not played fully under the fingers

One of the things we focused on was efficient bow angle attack and playing these fast passages on open strings slowly before increasing to the desired tempo. At this point, it's even good practise to push beyond the desired tempo and play the piece as fast as I can get away with with efficient and confident strokes. This way, no matter what happens, the piece is definitely conquered and all doubts waivered when it comes to performing it :}

RV 531 extra notes

G minor melodic 2nd octave, 1octave scale - plain, with vibrato, dynamics combination, quaver & semiquavers, up tempo.

G minor harmonic arpeggios, keeping to the key signature.

And now, Melora <3 :}

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