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The bridge between two f-holes

Lesson 151 - Good luck, Gracie

2016-11-30 12:27:15

During today's lesson, we noticed the distinct harshness of Gracie's tones when notes were played on the higher registers. Deryn thinks the action is too high in that section and it might be time to let Jan, the luthier have a word with her bridge.

This isn't something we've only found out; the action was left high when I received a new bridge so that I could get used to playing the new setup on my then, new cello. Lowering the action will change her voice, of course, neither better nor worse - just different.

A higher action does make for better projection so this is great if you're an reasonably good soloist playing to an audience in a large all but this I'm not and what's the point of such discomfort if one isn't playing at their optimum? Comfort on a high action means being ok with the tension of the cello strings cutting into your finger tips when you play in the higher registers; ie. there is no comfort to be found here unless your fingers are made of calluses :}

But we also have to keep in mind the balance of the setup. A lower action might mean more buzz near top nut and this just won't do. Let's see what magic Jan will do.

Speaking of magic -

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Learning the cello as an adult started as a dare but has now turned into an ongoing love affair; I hope to one day make her sing to her full potential. In the meantime, all spare time and moments are dedicated to this wonderful instrument as I am unable to think about anything else, much to the dismay of my other half :}

This is an attempt to remember the classes I have taken so that I don't forget.

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