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The bridge between two f-holes

Lesson 144 - Tenor clef

2016-09-28 02:23:27

Today was a double session - a whole 2 hours of cello learning to make up for the lack of lessons last week.

We focused mainly on positions and notes, in relation to phrases on the score. Knowing the different positions for groups of notes is tedious practise but it can form a solid foundation for efficient playing.

I've not really been successful at reading tenor clef but during today's session, something just clicked. The 'trick' of playing one string up still applies but this was only applicable to knowing the notes on the fingerboard in relation to the notes written on the staff. For some time now, getting the notes right on the tenor clef was closer guesswork than actually knowing the notes so this was a personal breakthrough for me.
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Learning the cello as an adult started as a dare but has now turned into an ongoing love affair; I hope to one day make her sing to her full potential. In the meantime, all spare time and moments are dedicated to this wonderful instrument as I am unable to think about anything else, much to the dismay of my other half :}

This is an attempt to remember the classes I have taken so that I don't forget.

My wonderful teacher, Deryn ~ http://cellostudio.info/