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The bridge between two f-holes

Lesson 145 - Fun with details

2016-10-05 19:21:38

Have fun but be detailed.

That's the takeaway from Deryn's teachings lately and something I totally agree with. I mean, note learning is tedious but it has to be done if you want to play a piece. Then there's fingering and bowing which one should experiment with but it's important to settle on which ones. By being consistent, there's a feeling of being in total control during cello playing which should lessen panic attacks and hopefully, increase the fun level!

The next stage after establishing an unwavering solid technique is interpretation; ie. forget everything and focus on the sound you want to create.

This is where listening to different recordings become a part of the learning. Find a particular recording you like and see if you can mimic it. However, this is not about trying to sound like Yo Yo Ma or Jacqueline Du Pre but more about trying to find out how they achieve the sound, the smooth transitions between string crosses, stark dynamics, beautiful vibratos.

During lesson, Deryn told me to play from the diaphragm and immediately, I sat up and focused on a point from my, well, stomach. Everything else was relaxed and sound production became better.

Lesson notes

- Slow playing is all well and good but never forget the target tempo
- Challenge yourself to reach the target tempo but don't sprint before foundation practise
- Aim to achieve being in the music, expressing yourself, not just playing the music to the score

We played the second movement of Beethoven's Cello Sonata together at the recommended tempo with piano accompaniment. It was exciting but I was panicking all over the fingerboard. Things got more relaxed only after gradual increase of speed playing.

And now, playing his Valse Mignonne on the piano. Take it away, Saint Saens!

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Learning the cello as an adult started as a dare but has now turned into an ongoing love affair; I hope to one day make her sing to her full potential. In the meantime, all spare time and moments are dedicated to this wonderful instrument as I am unable to think about anything else, much to the dismay of my other half :}

This is an attempt to remember the classes I have taken so that I don't forget.

My wonderful teacher, Deryn ~ http://cellostudio.info/